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Before formally established as the COBE, members of our group served as advisors or committee members for students whose thesis or dissertation topics were related to occupational or environmental health. Most of these students served as graduate student researchers in our group. The following list includes such students who graduated from the Graduate School of Public Health from 1990 to the present:

Year Student Degree Title
1992 Jing Xu M.S. Reanalysis of Respiratory System Cancer mortality at a copper smelter
1994 Kyung Yul Lee Ph.D. Methods for assessing the adequacy of the Cox model with time dependent covariates
1994 Laura Cassidy Schall M.S. A statistical evaluation of the effectiveness of a bladder cancer screening program
1996 Ada Owens Youk Ph.D. Iterative allocation of partially classified data in occupational epidemiologic studies
1997 Leslie Ann Wayne M.S. A reanalysis of the NAIMA rock wool and slag wool cohort study using job-based classifications of exposure
2000 Richard Mierzejewski M.S. An analysis of the health outcomes and survey results of the Drake screening participants
2000 Laura Cassidy Schall Ph.D. (Epid) Predicting levels of compliance in a bladder cancer screening program for occupationally exposed workers
2001 Christine Krol Gause Ph.D. Methods for combining covariate data obtained by multiple sampling schemes in occupational cohort studies
2003 Jennifer Lynn Barkin M.S. An empirical evaluation of how odds ratios estimated from nested case-control studies are affected by the algorithm used to select matched controls
2004 Weilian Sang M.S. Empirical comparison of US Census Bureau population estimates used in the Mortality and Population Data System of the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Biostatistics
2005 Rosemarie Ramos Ph.D. (Epid) Adult Asthma: The Novel Use of Public Health Methods to Investigate the Prevalence of Environmental Risk Factors
2006 Michael Cunningham M.S. Reanalysis of the National Cancer Institutes Acrylonitrile cohort study by imputation of missing smoking information /td>
2006 Adina Soiata Dr.PH. GEE models for the longitudinal analysis of the effects of occupational radiation exposure on the lymphocyte counts in Russian nuclear workers
2009 Hui Xu M.S. Evaluation of non-response in a case-control study of brain cancer among jet engine manufacturing workers
2013 Sarah Downing Zimmerman M.S. Evaluation of lung cancer risk in relation to acrylonitrile exposure with control for potential confounding by smoking via Monte Carlo simulation
2013 Yimeng Liu M.S. Review and comparison of statistical methods for analyzing data sets containing variables with detection limits
2013 Fangfang Chen M.S. Evaluation of mortality rates from polycythemia vera in several PA counties.